Grease Trap Cleaning

More effective cleaning = Pumping less often

Hartigan Company will pump your grease trap thoroughly; eradicating odors and ensuring the trap is safe to use. Unlike some services which skim or leave stubborn deposits even after a cleaning, our grease trap pumping technicians cleanse the entire trap and take the extra time to scrape away tough-to-remove hardened grease. This additional care means the trap will work more effectively, smell better and require pumping less often.

It's important to keep your grease trap in optimal working order - especially if you run a business that involves heavy use of a kitchen. Vegetable oils and animal fats in waste water from the kitchen will flow through your plumbing system, before they eventually reach sanitary sewer lines. A heavy build-up of this grease over time will result in your lines becoming clogged and backed up. This is not only inconvenient but also potentially very messy and foul smelling! Keep your kitchen running and your lines clear, with our help.

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“We continue to find the work provided to be substantially useful for our operation. Thank you again, for a complete and professionally managed job.”

- James L. Jutras
Public Works/WWTF Director, Essex Junction

“It's very assuring to know that your septic is maintained. In the restaurant business, that is an issue that can't happen.”

- Bill C.
Local Vermont Restaurant

“The crew at Hartigan are great. Just nice guys who know what they are doing and are always there when we need them.”

- Julie A.
Local Vermont Resident
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