Food Waste Services

Hartigan’s new sustainable waste truck will be dedicated to taking waste from a food service facility (brewery waste, ice cream waste etc.) and bringing it to something called a “digester”, where it will be used to help create sustainable energy.

What is a digester?

A digester is where a process called “anaerobic digestion” (AD) takes place, which involves microorganisms breaking down organic waste - not unlike the way a cow’s stomach breaks down its food. The digester is filled with dairy manure and food residuals, and through this process produces energy in the form of biogas, which can be combusted to make renewable electricity and heat.

Additionally, the waste product of AD can be used to fertilize soil for crops. There are great, environmentally sound benefits of using a digester rather than simply dumping organic waste into a landfill - a practice that will be banned by 2020, due to the Universal Recycling Law (Act 148).

Hartigan works hard to be an eco-friendly waste management company and is excited to continue to support green energy with the introduction of our new waste truck, as well as advocating for “Cow Power” (the conversion of manure to usable energy) and the Clean Water Act for Lake Champlain.

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“We continue to find the work provided to be substantially useful for our operation. Thank you again, for a complete and professionally managed job.”

- James L. Jutras
Public Works/WWTF Director, Essex Junction

“It's very assuring to know that your septic is maintained. In the restaurant business, that is an issue that can't happen.”

- Bill C.
Local Vermont Restaurant

“The crew at Hartigan are great. Just nice guys who know what they are doing and are always there when we need them.”

- Julie A.
Local Vermont Resident
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