For Commercial & Municipal Septic Systems

Larger commercial tanks from 50 gallons to 500,000 gallons are easily managed with our equipment. Hartigan’s objective is to provide the safest and most economical solution for all your liquid handling needs. With commercial septic tanks, additional treatment before dispersing waste may be needed because there is so much more liquid and waste created in a commercial building.

Hartigan’s septic tank pumping trucks are capable of removing liquids - using vactor trucks & hydro excavation - from:

  • wet wells

  • manholes

  • pump stations

  • septic tanks

  • communication manholes

  • sludge digesters

  • grease traps

  • railcars

  • a multitude of other tank scenarios

Preventive maintenance, beginning with regular septic tank pumping, eliminates interruptions in daily operations caused by waste or storm water issues. Hartigan can assist you with developing a maintenance program that fits your specific needs, including underground infrastructure inspection.

Whether it is an interior grease trap, exterior grease tank, septic tank pumping, pump station, or 80 miles of sewer line, Hartigan will develop a commercial maintenance program that provides all the assurance needed to comply with today’s commercial demands.

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“We continue to find the work provided to be substantially useful for our operation. Thank you again, for a complete and professionally managed job.”

- James L. Jutras
Public Works/WWTF Director, Essex Junction

“It's very assuring to know that your septic is maintained. In the restaurant business, that is an issue that can't happen.”

- Bill C.
Local Vermont Restaurant

“The crew at Hartigan are great. Just nice guys who know what they are doing and are always there when we need them.”

- Julie A.
Local Vermont Resident
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